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NanoPharmaceuticals’ pipeline includes molecularly targeted macromolecules that bind with high affinity to thyrointegrin αvβ3 receptors that are over-expressed in different types of cancers and their associated microenvironment, including tumor endothelial cells, tumor macrophages and other activated tumor inflammatory and immune cells. NanoPharmaceuticals’ technology platforms are aimed at addressing market opportunities for which current therapies are not optimally effective or safe.

fb-PMT: This is NanoPharmaceuticals’ first clinical candidate aimed at the treatment of different solid tumors (Glioblastoma and Pancreatic Cancers) and hematological malignancies (AML). A Phase 1 clinical trial for fb-PMT in patients with GBM is ongoing at Yale Cancer Center, which will be followed by Phase II trials for patients with glioblastoma, pancreatic cancer and AML.

BG-P-TAT: This is NanoPharmaceuticals’ advanced preclinical candidate for the treatment of neuroblastoma and other neuroendocrine cancers. BG-P-TAT is a novel agent with dual targeting capabilities for the thyrointegrin αvβ3 receptors and the norepinephrine transporter (NET) where both molecular targets are differentially expressed in neuroendocrine cancers.

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